Scott has been with the band for around 10 years and 6 albums.  Every other thread on here is "matt sharp is awesome".   Yes the Blue Album was perfect.  I don't like Pinkerton as much as everyone else seems to but to each his own.  If I were Scott I would take the money I've made and tell fans to get bent.  If people continue to rag on him in lieu of a former member who knows maybe he will do just that and front a second rate band also.  Scott, you have been a great weezer contributer and you deserve credit where credit is due.  Keep doing what you do.

Thanks for 10 great years.



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Dorian Zelaya said:
dude im trying but i cant seem to get it

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edgey44 said:

Dorian Zelaya said:
dude im trying but i cant seem to get it
Scott you are awesome
karl put this best.  the people who like the music and the direction usually are less vocal than the people who are protesting.  so what do you get?  you get a lot more visible hate.  doesn't mean everybody hates everything, just how it is.
D: omgwtf
I thinkin' Scott would like this.

Brofessefef said:

Daniel said:
love you scott
Scott is the bomb.  My favorite bassist by far.
I think that Scott was and is a great addition to the band.  I think he's technically the best bassist and also a team player.  He also seems like a humble and great guy.  I think Rivers made a great choice.  
It's funny because we are still having this discussion.
I f****** love Scott. He's amazing. I support him all the way.


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