Scott has been with the band for around 10 years and 6 albums.  Every other thread on here is "matt sharp is awesome".   Yes the Blue Album was perfect.  I don't like Pinkerton as much as everyone else seems to but to each his own.  If I were Scott I would take the money I've made and tell fans to get bent.  If people continue to rag on him in lieu of a former member who knows maybe he will do just that and front a second rate band also.  Scott, you have been a great weezer contributer and you deserve credit where credit is due.  Keep doing what you do.

Thanks for 10 great years.



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amen. Matt Sharp is a d***.

Perfectly stated.

Nothing wrong with Matt, nothing wrong with Mikey; they were great for the band.

But Scott is awesome, and he is all that Weezer needs in a bassist.

love you scott

Is awesome. 

Dorian Zelaya said:
Obviously we are all entitled to our own opinions I just think singling out one member constantly wanting someone else is unfair and insulting. I'm sure the rentals are a good watch but my personal feeling is to support the man who has held that post now for longer than anyone else.














The dreWid said:


Is awesome. 
<3 Scott
Exactly  scott is amazing!!!!   Scott I LOVE YOU :D
as I've said before, Scott Shriner is the man. I have been a Weezer fan since the beginning, been with them through all of the bass player changes, and Shriner by far is my favorite. He is an awesome guy and huge asset to Weezer.

Ashley Lovato said:
Exactly  scott is amazing!!!!   Scott I LOVE YOU :D

Scott is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


But Matt was better. Thats not an insult. Telling LeBron James hes' not as good as Michael Jordan isn't an insult. MJ reached a level that most likely no one else will reach. Its similar with Scott and Matt. Matt was with Weezer from the beginning and had major influence on the bands best albums by far, To be fair though, Matt had 90's Rivers. Scott has Lady Gaga wanna-be Rivers. Thats definitley a big advantage for Matt.


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