So the Memories "Tour" seems like it's going to be pretty limited and this only adds to the anxiety about not being able to get tickets.

We really need Weezer and all those involved to help protect from scalping.

When the Pumpkins did their residency shows in North Carolina and California, the ticket buyer had to be present at the show with the credit card and photo ID to retrieve the tickets, and even then you had to enter the show immediately. Radiohead also did a similar thing on their 2006 pre-In Rainbows tour.

Please guys, show us that you're here for the fans.

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I think that worked well for the No Doubt concerts too. When Gwen Stefani was on tour she did this tour club membership thing and even tho you had to pay a little more per ticket you knew you had your spot. They were also let in before the rest, had our names printed on the ticket, and were given a sticker and small memorabilia in a little envelope. Pretty cool. But yes- keep those stinkin scalpers out of our way!
This is a good idea, because no doubt (hehe) there will be scalpers trying to take advantage of this.
Green Day does this as well, but only for pit/floor and premium sections. Fan club members ALWAYS get first dibs on tickets via presale and they keep their prices down. Paid $55 last time around for orchestra seats. Membership for the fan club is $25 per year and you get a free t-shirt when you sign up. This is the direction Weezer should be heading.
mynameisjonus said:
Don't worry about not getting tickets - I shall have at least 5 per show for sale on eBay.


But seriously, this is a good idea. I really want to do a VIP package, but I don't know if I can afford it. Although good tickets will probably be that expensive on eBay and/or StubHub...
That sounds like a really good idea. That's what happened when I saw CAKE in March.

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