I am a sixteen year old kid who fell in love with Weezer's the unique blend of lyrical complexity and seamlessly blended instrumentals. There's just something about Rivers' apparent shyness that makes Weezer not only likable, but also gives lyrics an emotional base that easily connects to the audience. I may not understand some of the references, but I damn well can connect with most of what you guys are saying.

And I'm not alone either.  Tons of my friends f****** love you guys, but have never gotten to see any of your concerts (including me).  This is definitely a shot in the dark, but PLEASE COME TO THE MIDWEST IN 2013.  AND TO ALL OTHERS WHO FEEL THE SAME PLEASE REPLY AND MAKE SOME NOISE.

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they were there this past summer.  For your sake, I hope they move out of the Casino venues.

Michigan man here. I hope they arrive here soon <3

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