First and foremost, love them both or gtfo.


For a while, Doolittle seemed like the obvious choice for me.

But something about that stretch of tracks (1-8, give or take.) on Surfer Rosa...oh man.

The only thing Surfer Rosa has going against it, really, is Tony's Theme.



But Doolittle also sports Gouge Away, Hey, Here Comes Your Man and Monkey Gone to Heaven.

Versus, say, Where Is My Mind?, Gigantic, River Euphrates, Break My Body.


Slightly different vibes on the records, but both are so great.





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no wai

Surfer Rosa is my favourite on account of it being one of the first records I ever bought. I even like Tony's Theme.

(Oh and don't forget 'Come on Pilgrim'.)

Listen to Doolittle, you twit

CrackerJack said:
I have both, but i have never listened to all of doolittle.  Surfer Rosa, however, is fantastic
Doolittle.  This album is my "Blue" for the Pixies.  It got me into them, and has stood out as my favorite.

Really? Weakest?

Not gonna hate, I'm just surprised.

Christopher Walkom said:



I love Surfer Rose but I think it's the weakest out of their catalogue.


Haters gonna hate and all that...

Close call but for me Where is My Mind puts Surfer Rose that little bit ahead. But thats just me...
Splitting hairs on this one, for sure, but I'll have to go with Surfer Rosa. That said, my favorite is Bossanova.

fluck I changed my mind


this IS a toughie

doolittle, obvs.
Fair enough!

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