Well now that we have Pinkerton and how it is the best weezer album ever. And having what we have from SFTBH and more still to come in Alone III. I'm just wondering what you guys would prefer between Pinkerton or SFTBH?? Would you prefer if SFTBH would've been an album instead of Pinkerton?
(I know that people wanted or still want SFTBH but thats too bad that never made it)

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IDK my BFF Jill.

ILoveEveryone said:
IDK my BFF Jill.


Also, Pinkerton
Conceptually I think Pinkerton was the right way for the second album to go. As a guy in his late teens back in 96 I could relate to many aspects of Pinkerton whereas a 'Space Rock Opera' would have been a stretch for me, a throwback to those concept albums back in the 70s.

We can basically have our cake and eat it, after Alone 3 we can put the final pieces of the SftBH jigsaw in place and we also have RotR which borrows heavily from the sound aesthetic a completed SftBH would have took.

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