Which song will join Blowin' My Stack/ Unspoken/ Trippin' Down the Freeway/ The Greatest Man That Ever Lived/ Perfect Situation/ Burndt Jamb/ Island in the Sun/ and Longtime Sunshine in our Ultimate Weezer Survivor Game?  Here are the rules:  Vote off your least favorite of the songs remaining. Vote for 2 songs until we get down to 5. Since there are only 10 songs, the only round I will eliminate 2 songs is in round 1.  Remember when we get down to the final 2 songs, we vote to win.


1. Tired of Sex (Eliminated Round 5)

2. Getchoo (Eliminated Round 2)

3. No Other One (Eliminated Round 1)

4. Why Bother? (Eliminated Round 1)

5. Across the Sea (WINNER!!!)

6. The Good Life (2ND PLACE)

7. El Scorcho (3RD PLACE  )

8. Pink Triangle (Eliminated Round 6)

9. Falling For You (Eliminated Round 4)

10. Butterfly (Eliminated Round 3)




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Tired of Sex


El Scorcho


The Good Life

El Scorcho

El Scorcho, The Good Life
El scorcho

Tired of Sex

El Scorcho

Falling For You

Tired of Sex

Pink Triangle

... I almost broke down making this decision.

El Scorcho

Pink Triangle

It was a very spread out vote..........with many songs very close to being gone............but Butterfly goes out with 11 votes.  Only 6 songs remain........let's move on to round 4. This is the final round we vote for 2 songs.


1. Tired of Sex

5, Across the Sea

6. The Good Life

7. El Scorcho

8. Pink Triangle

9. Falling For You


Butterfly (Eliminated Round 3) 

Getchoo (Eliminated Round 2)

No Other One (Eliminated Round 1)

Why Bother? (Eliminated Round 1)

Round 4:


Pink Triangle

Across the Sea

lol this is sad lol

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