From being at the concert in L.A. and listening to various youtube video with my headphones, it becomes apparent that Scott does not play the same bass lines as Matt did on the album. This is a real bummer cause I spent so much time learning all of the Blue Album and Pinkerton bass lines note for note.

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Michael Rowland (Gohi) said:

Tommy Wiseau said:
Scott wasn't playing note for note, he not good he chicken cheepcheepcheep!

He's betrayed me! I don't have a friend in the wor-old.
Do you want me to order a pizza?
Hahaha, you think of EVERYTHING.
what's gonna happen when scott comes here and reads this??? he'll be devastated! to say the least.

this could be the end of weezer!
I try to. 

Radioactive said:
Well, you realize no one else plays the music note-for-note either... right?
Listen to Jack Bruce live...his bass notes aren't the same either. Josh did not play the same fills as Patrick either, and I thought he was amazing. Why, as a musician would you want to play exactly like someone else? If Scott is not playing up to par, I am sure Rivers would have replaced him. I saw the same show and thought the rhythm section was sitting right in the pocket.

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