The band is keen. Australia is keen. Let's make it happen.

I vote for Brisbane.

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If enough people express interest, then we can make this happen :) Twitter, Facebook, email...whatever it takes.

As a shark, this doesn't affect me

Hmm it may do. More shows, means more tourists, means more potential eating victims. you've had a pretty succesful hunt this year in Australia, you want to continue that good form into 2013, even if it is Weez fans.

The shark from Jaws said:

As a shark, this doesn't affect me

So we need Pinkerton shows for the sharks.  

Our uprising will depend on this "Pinkerton" show it seems. If we get this show, you can expect our shark uprising to be just like that Simpsons episode where the dolphins rose up and tore s*** up, except we wont be whiny b****** about it.

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