Only two others, Exile On Main Street by The Rolling Stones and London Calling by The Clash have gotten album scores this high.

In addition, the user score is currently 9.9 as well (vote it 10 if you've got an account so we can get it back to 10).

This is really awesome. Maybe it'll boost some sales and exposure (as it does for video games).

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They should be very proud of this. #1 album on metacritic! (only album to get 100% on both critic a user reviews.) for some reason, I am proud to be weezoid (I just made that word up!)
Good point.

j-biebs said:
based on 5 reviews...
It is kinda nice that the rerelease has major positive 'critic' reviews in contrast to the initial release.
j-biebs said:
based on 5 reviews...

Exile is only based on 7 reviews

Plus, there's still a 5-star review from Allmusic on the way

I don't think any major publications reviewed this album after that

So, hopefully, Pinkerton remains the king of metacritic :)
It's now gotten another critic review added and it's still 100 (and they aren't adding allmusic's 5-star review for some reason).

The user score remains almost perfect after 15 user scores, which is awesome too.

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