Did anyone else get Pinkerton Diaries today? It's waiting for me at home and I cannot wait to be done with work and go open it!!!

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Btw, thanks aaron. 

just got it today! Skimmed through it a little and it'll take me a long time to read haha. Can't wait to listen to Alone III, and the poster is awesome!

After seeing that some people got the diary 'n biz, I went to go check if I got it yet. Sadly I did not. But I did get a shirt I made off the internet! That was pretty nice.

I received my copy today!!! Hope more people are getting it today! Enjoy! :)

Awesome album, awesome book.

Nuff said.

Thanks Rivers, do more releases like this please.

Lisa is amazing.  It's definitely the best track on Alone III... I've only looked over the book but it looks like it's going to be a great read.

Mark is completely right on all posts in this topic thus far.

Mrk Jcksn [Mark Jackson] said:

yeah it's weird how the dude who owns the songs can share them whenever he'd like.

Deandre said:

i'm sure rivers, who has leaked dozens of his own songs (including some that are actually on alone III), will come down hard on anyone who posts a mediafire link in this thread.

Hahahaha win

Cladeedah said:

How to Act Like a Grown-Up by Aaron Hansen

Step 1: Hangout in your basement and troll Weezer.com all day.

Step 2: Insult random strangers on the internet

Step 3: use insults like "stupid" and "12-year-old-girl"  (limited vocabulary is key)


Hoping that if I follow his lead, I can someday be as amazing as Aaron Hanson.

Aaron Hansen said:

it's ok. Already out there. Someone who didn't have the brain of a 12 year old did it.

I'm still waiting for mine! How does the Suzanne demo sound?

Did anyone buy the premium edition? If so, how many postcards does it come with? Is it really worth the extra dough?

It comes with 6 postcards. Is the premium pack worth the extra $60? I kinda think no based solely on value...but of course in my excited haste when ordering I just added it haha

The 20x40 Pinkerton poster print has no text on it indicating what it is (it doesn't say Pinkerton or Weezer or anything) -- I mean it's a pretty print of the Hiroshige woodblock print blown up, but unless you're a huge fan of Hiroshige...also since they had made it a point to call it a 'lithograph' I thought it'd be nicer quality, but it's just standard poster quality [yes, technically still a litho but no nicer], and of course Cinderblock sent it just badly rolled up not even wrapping it in paper or anything, so mine is slightly creased here and there ((off topic, but NOT a fan of Cinderblock shipping at all =P!!!))

I guess it just depends on how much you want the limited edition shirt and above mentioned Pinkerton poster--which, even if they were available to be bought separately eventually, they'd probably charge $30 for the shirt and $30 for the poster anyway...((on the invoice slip they list the 'Pinkerton Litho' at $29, which frankly I would not have spent that much on it by itself))

I just got mine!  I haven't listened to the CD yet, but I am pouring over the book!  Such a treat!!!

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