Did anyone else get Pinkerton Diaries today? It's waiting for me at home and I cannot wait to be done with work and go open it!!!

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I'm still just waiting and waiting/waiting and waiting/waiting on Piiiiiiiiikerton Diiiiiiaaaaaaaaries!  

since all us international fans have to wait 6 weeks...


*cough* upload *cough*

You're awesome! 

I really hope and pray I get it tomorrow.

uh ya kyoko, putting it on the internet is kind of illegal, so you should prob not attempt to share it with people.

especially after announcing it here, as so far you're the first person to receive it out of the .com and a6 boards.

thank you Mark I caught that ;) lol I did not expect to be the only one I know to get it :P

it might be illegal.... but it's morally right.  Think of all of us at home having to wait weeks and weeks to hear something we've already paid for and the frustration we feel waiting for interaction with something we can't/shouldn't have. Isn't that what Pinkerton is all about, Charlie Brown? 



you aren't very smart, patrick.

well ya, they don't arrest people for pirating music, they just sue them.

Kyoko's not 18.

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