Is there anyone else from Europe who has orded the Pinkerton Diaries but your order is still 'processing'?

I ordered mine on the 2nd of December and I thought it was supposed to be shipped last week.

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Apparently, those outside the US have to wait a few extra weeks. Still, you might want to confer with someone who actually ordered them.

I'm from the UK and mine shipped on the 14th December, though I did order on November 11th. 

I live in the US and my order is still processing and I ordered the 13th of LAST month so I am also not having a good time with this whole thing...

cinderblock isn't exclusively used by weezer, kids, they ship out merch for a good amount of bands. combine that with the fact that it's one of the busiest times of the year for them and then understand that it's only been one week. get a grip.

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