First off, I gave into temptation and downloaded the Pinkerton deluxe. I have every intention of purchasing it the day it comes out, so I'd rather not hearing any criticisms regarding this.

Before I start off this review b******* and moaning, I want to point out the good. I LOVE Getting Up and Leaving. It blows my mind this wasn't even considered for the album, it could've even been a single. I am very grateful for the other session outtakes, Longtime Sunshine, Tragic Girl, and I Swear It's True. The alternate versions of Tired of Sex, Getchoo and Butterfly are great. And I'm happy all the B-Sides are here.

But seriously, WHY IS THERE 3-4 DIFFERENT VERSIONS OF EL SCORCHO, PINK TRIANGLE AND THE GOOD LIFE? That's not even counting the original album versions either. Let's review:

There's the Shorecrest High versions of Pink Triangle and The Good Life, which as they were released as b-sides at the time, I would expect to be included.
The radio remixes of Pink Triangle and The Good Life which are really not all that different from the album versions and a waste of space in my opinion.
The Y100 Sonic Session versions of The Good Life, Pink Triangle, and El Scorcho. They pretty much sound exactly like the Shorecrest High versions, so their inclusion seems pointless to me.
And last but not least, the Reading Festival versions of El Scorcho and Pink Triangle. I think it probably wouldve made sense to include other Pinkerton cuts, or even the entire show.

I know everyone is going to say this is nitpicking, (it probably is) and that I should enjoy it, and believe me I do. But including THAT many versions of the same songs seems like an awful waste of space, where there could be potential for more interesting material. It makes the listening experience repetitive, which is very unfortunate. I'm interested to hear others opinions regarding this error in judgement.

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I do agree that they could've included live versions of other songs like Why Bother, Across the Sea, Falling For You, etc. I think a live version of Butterfly would've been really cool too.
you never know though...

if you mean ehy he didnt include other songs from 1995?

prolly cuz he wanted to save it for alone III?
Too much pink triangle and good life. That's the only problem with the tracklist. I've noticed that there were no bonus things for no other one or falling for you. Wazzup with that. 
yeah i agree, it's kind of a let down. i caved in last night... i figured that since I'm buying it tomorrow then why not (still waiting for DTFM though). idk, i thought the new songs were cool and the special coda mix of longtime was pretty cool too.. but maybe some other stuff would've been neat.. different live stuff and whatnot. I don't know, it just goes to prove that weezer's been a disappointment since PInkerton.. and that includes the reissue too :/
i agree, they dropped the ball as far as that is concerned.
it would have been nice to include live, electric, version of Butterfly from later tours (thinking Enlightenment Tour), or a very rare, live performance of No Other One.
The Y100 sessions seem pointless, as the Shorecrest songs are much cooler because of the atmosphere and circumstances (I love all the little kids giggling when Rivers sings "lesbian".
I like all the live versions, but it does get a bit redundant. I heard the Japanese version has a full live set list of Pinkerton.
The Good
Getting Up and Leaving and Tragic Girl are awesome songs and I'm happy Rivers has decided to finally share them. Hopefully the liner notes will be as comprehensive as the Alone Series.

The Not-So-Good
I already have all the B-Sides, however, it makes sense to include them in this collection. It will be nice to read what critics have to say about them. I consider Devotion and Waiting to be 2 of Weezer's best tracks of all time. Very unique.

The Bad
Over the last 3 years, we have seen Rivers put out the awesome Alone CDs with demos, unreleased songs and fascinating liner notes. When I heard Pinkerton Deluxe was coming out, I figured it would be a great chance for Rivers to release the rest of the SFTBH tracks and more studio work from Pinkerton. A chance to showcase the creative momentum in the studio when the album was being created. Who cares about live stuff anymore? With the rise of YouTube, you could watch live stuff all day. The Shorecrest High School, Sonic Sessions and Reading tracks have been available for over 10 years now. So the bonus disk is a little lack-luster.

I don't think we are nit-picking. We've seen Rivers put out amazing archival packages and thought this one would top them all. I assume Rivers wants to put the remaining SFTBH and Pinkerton songs on Alone III. IMO, this Deluxe edition was the place to put that stuff. Alone 3 will sell with or without the Pinkerton era stuff.

Gregor =w= Langbehn said:
it would have been nice to include live, electric, version of Butterfly from later tours (thinking Enlightenment Tour), or a very rare, live performance of No Other One.
The Y100 sessions seem pointless, as the Shorecrest songs are much cooler because of the atmosphere and circumstances (I love all the little kids giggling when Rivers sings "lesbian".
I do think everyone might be nit picking a bit, but I certainly understand. Like most people here, I already had the B-Sides so I was hoping for many more songs like Getting Up And Leaving that I hadn't heard prior to, rather than live versions of songs. As for more obscure pinkerton live songs do we know whether sound board recordings of such songs exist during that tour? (I don't know what the setlists were like back than either).

I understand that River wanted to put as much of the stuff in an around that period on the reissue which is why we get the radio edits and stuff, which is usually redundant. Same goes with the alternate takes, bear in mind I haven't heard the album yet. But is the take of Butterfly much different than the album version? or just a curiosity to hear once never to be played again? Since it's acoustic I can't imagine there is a big difference. I do like alternate takes when bands approach a song completely different (Dylan is a good example of this) so that it's worth hearing, like for instance if the alternate take of Butterfly was a full band version. Also, what's the deal with the tracking versions of the songs? Are they just rougher/inferior versions of the album songs?

Nit Picking aside - everyone should be happy that we like a band that is willing to go back and give fans a ton of songs and put the time in to reissue a cd that is a lot of people's favorite on this board. Kudos to Rivers and the boys for doing a hell of a job. Looking forward to Alone III to help flesh out this time period!
is there any official date for Alone III yet, or all speculation?
We got, at long last, "Getting Up and Leaving", the full band "Long Time Sunshine", and the Pinkerton sessions version of "I Swear It's True". Fans have wanted those for years upon years. We got some really cool alternate takes of "Tired of Sex", "Getchoo", and "Butterfly". We got a brilliant unreleased track that we didn't even know existed until a year ago in "Tragic Girl" which, if it had been the only bonus track, would have been enough for me.

We got all the non-album stuff of the era (aside from the Angus version of "YGYLTMS") finally re-released on CD after being out of print for years and years, and all in one place. We got additional photos from the era, some really nice liner notes by Karl. We had the album and extras specially mastered for vinyl, which rarely happens anymore and is extremely cool.

I'm sure if something else was good enough to have made it, it would have. Karl even said some of the tapes from this era have sadly been lost over time, so it kind of explains why there's not more in the way of more studio tracks.

I'm pretty satisfied, especially considering I paid 25 for this, DTFM, and a vintage Pinkerton era lyric booklet.

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