First off, I gave into temptation and downloaded the Pinkerton deluxe. I have every intention of purchasing it the day it comes out, so I'd rather not hearing any criticisms regarding this.

Before I start off this review b******* and moaning, I want to point out the good. I LOVE Getting Up and Leaving. It blows my mind this wasn't even considered for the album, it could've even been a single. I am very grateful for the other session outtakes, Longtime Sunshine, Tragic Girl, and I Swear It's True. The alternate versions of Tired of Sex, Getchoo and Butterfly are great. And I'm happy all the B-Sides are here.

But seriously, WHY IS THERE 3-4 DIFFERENT VERSIONS OF EL SCORCHO, PINK TRIANGLE AND THE GOOD LIFE? That's not even counting the original album versions either. Let's review:

There's the Shorecrest High versions of Pink Triangle and The Good Life, which as they were released as b-sides at the time, I would expect to be included.
The radio remixes of Pink Triangle and The Good Life which are really not all that different from the album versions and a waste of space in my opinion.
The Y100 Sonic Session versions of The Good Life, Pink Triangle, and El Scorcho. They pretty much sound exactly like the Shorecrest High versions, so their inclusion seems pointless to me.
And last but not least, the Reading Festival versions of El Scorcho and Pink Triangle. I think it probably wouldve made sense to include other Pinkerton cuts, or even the entire show.

I know everyone is going to say this is nitpicking, (it probably is) and that I should enjoy it, and believe me I do. But including THAT many versions of the same songs seems like an awful waste of space, where there could be potential for more interesting material. It makes the listening experience repetitive, which is very unfortunate. I'm interested to hear others opinions regarding this error in judgement.

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I'm more than happy. There are 9 non album tracks/songs on there, 2 of which up until recently we didn't even know existed.

The demo for Getchoo is also a gem. I love Matt's bassline in the song, so much stronger than that of the final version.

As a collection It captures the spirit of the Pinkerton era brilliantly.
I knew the "you should be happy with what you got" comments would start coming in but let me say this:
As I said,I am, for the most part happy with how this was put together, maybe even more so than the Blue Album Deluxe, aside from the excessive repeat tracks.
If someone who was only a casual fan of Weezer was the least bit interested in buying it, do you think they would still consider if they noticed the same 3 tracks popping up over and over again? Probably not. I'm just saying it doesn't make any sense. I understand that the release is geared toward more hardcore fans, but I for one have picked up Deluxe Editions from artists who I only had a passing interest in.
I'd just like to say thanks rivers and weezer for all and everything you do. LIVE LONG ROCK ON!!!!!!
deluxe reissues are rarely what they could or should be. blue had paperface but was missing thief and let's sew our pants together, thus both songs are still hard to track down in decent quality.
The thing that I like about the multiple pink triangles, etc., is it increases the weez frequency on my iPod shuffle setting. Always nice to run into one of their songs more often.

Overall I think the package is great. The criticisms I'd offer:

  1. The b-sides and outtakes are sequenced poorly. They're scattered over different discs instead of continuously flowing.
  2. You Won't Get With Me Tonight is the SFTBH version instead of the full-band "crushing" version that was leaked shortly after the deluxe came out.
  3. A few tracks are mentioned in the liner notes that aren't included.

That being said, this made the hard time that was November 2010 a little more bearable. I found the new material very relatable to what I was going through at the time.

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