Don't know if this is real or not.  But holy crap that's awesome!  Seriously, look at that track list! Credit to Yitzy on for finding this and translating it:

1-10: Pinkerton Album Tracks
11: Devotion
12: You Gave Your Love To Me Softly
13: Waiting On You
14: I Just Threw Out The Love of My Dreams
15: The Good Life (acoustic)
16: Pink Triangle (acoustic)
17: You Won't Get With Me Tonight
18: Tragic Girl
19: I Swear It's True
20: The Good Life
21: El Scorcho
22: Pink Triangle
23: Why Bother?
24: El Scorcho
25: Pink Triangle
26: The Good Life
27: The Good Life (Radio Remix)
28: Pink Traingle (Radio Remix)
29: Getting Up And Leaving (Alternate Take)
30: Longtime Sunshine (Alternate Take)
31: Blue vs. Pinkerton inverview
32: El Scorcho (Live Acoustic 1996)
33: Tired of Sex (Rough Take)
34: Getchoo (Rough Take)
35: Across the Sea (Piano Noodles(?))
36: Butterfly (Alternate Take)
37: I'm So Lonely (Rivers Pinkerton Demo)
38: Getchoo (Rives Pinkerton Demo)
39: Lisa (Rivers Pinkerton Demo)
40: Negativland (Rivers Pinkerton Demo)
41: You Gave Your Love To Me Sofltly (Rivers Pinkerton Demo)
42: Hone Your Aron? (Rivers Pinkerton Demo)
43: Susanne (Rivers Pinkerton Demo)
44: There Is No Other One (Rivers Pinkerton Demo)
45: Let Me Wash At Your Sink (Rivers Pinkerton Demo)
46: Waiting On You (Rivers Pinkerton Demo)
47: Oh No, This Is Not For Me (Rivers Pinkerton Demo)
48: Tired of Sex (Rivers Pinkerton Demo)
49: She's Had A Girl (Rivers Pinkerton Demo)
50: What Is This I Find? (Rivers Pinkerton Demo)
51: Now I Finally See (Rivers Pinkerton Demo)
52: Longtime Sunshine (Rivers Pinkerton Demo)
53: I'm Lonely On A Saturday Night (Rivers Pinkerton Demo)
54: Oh God I'm Hungry (Rivers Pinkerton Demo)
55: I'm On Fire, You Are A Liar (Rivers Pinkerton Demo)
56: The End of My String (Rivers Pinkerton Demo)
57: I Can't Break Your Heart (Rivers Pinkerton Demo)
58: Money Makes Me Happy (Rivers Pinkerton Demo)
59: My Mind's On You (Rivers Pinkerton Demo)
60: Defeat on the Hill (Rivers Pinkerton Demo)
61: Clarinet Waltz (Rivers Pinkerton Demo)
62: A Glorious Moment (Rivers Pinkerton Demo)


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Wait so this isn't real?
holy cow, that's alot
Some, if not most of it is not. Some aspects however probably are, but many were a given - ie. Pinkerton-era B-sides, You Won't Get with Me.

Still no word on a final tracklist though.

Corey Gregory said:
Wait so this isn't real?
Yeah I was there when he denounced it in the chat. I had a feeling this list was false hope.

fvck said:
fyi, karl said that a good chunk of this tracklist was b*******.
max 36 songs on pinkerton deluxe, and he hasn't seen the finalized tracklist for alone 3.

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