Don't know if this is real or not.  But holy crap that's awesome!  Seriously, look at that track list! Credit to Yitzy on for finding this and translating it:

1-10: Pinkerton Album Tracks
11: Devotion
12: You Gave Your Love To Me Softly
13: Waiting On You
14: I Just Threw Out The Love of My Dreams
15: The Good Life (acoustic)
16: Pink Triangle (acoustic)
17: You Won't Get With Me Tonight
18: Tragic Girl
19: I Swear It's True
20: The Good Life
21: El Scorcho
22: Pink Triangle
23: Why Bother?
24: El Scorcho
25: Pink Triangle
26: The Good Life
27: The Good Life (Radio Remix)
28: Pink Traingle (Radio Remix)
29: Getting Up And Leaving (Alternate Take)
30: Longtime Sunshine (Alternate Take)
31: Blue vs. Pinkerton inverview
32: El Scorcho (Live Acoustic 1996)
33: Tired of Sex (Rough Take)
34: Getchoo (Rough Take)
35: Across the Sea (Piano Noodles(?))
36: Butterfly (Alternate Take)
37: I'm So Lonely (Rivers Pinkerton Demo)
38: Getchoo (Rives Pinkerton Demo)
39: Lisa (Rivers Pinkerton Demo)
40: Negativland (Rivers Pinkerton Demo)
41: You Gave Your Love To Me Sofltly (Rivers Pinkerton Demo)
42: Hone Your Aron? (Rivers Pinkerton Demo)
43: Susanne (Rivers Pinkerton Demo)
44: There Is No Other One (Rivers Pinkerton Demo)
45: Let Me Wash At Your Sink (Rivers Pinkerton Demo)
46: Waiting On You (Rivers Pinkerton Demo)
47: Oh No, This Is Not For Me (Rivers Pinkerton Demo)
48: Tired of Sex (Rivers Pinkerton Demo)
49: She's Had A Girl (Rivers Pinkerton Demo)
50: What Is This I Find? (Rivers Pinkerton Demo)
51: Now I Finally See (Rivers Pinkerton Demo)
52: Longtime Sunshine (Rivers Pinkerton Demo)
53: I'm Lonely On A Saturday Night (Rivers Pinkerton Demo)
54: Oh God I'm Hungry (Rivers Pinkerton Demo)
55: I'm On Fire, You Are A Liar (Rivers Pinkerton Demo)
56: The End of My String (Rivers Pinkerton Demo)
57: I Can't Break Your Heart (Rivers Pinkerton Demo)
58: Money Makes Me Happy (Rivers Pinkerton Demo)
59: My Mind's On You (Rivers Pinkerton Demo)
60: Defeat on the Hill (Rivers Pinkerton Demo)
61: Clarinet Waltz (Rivers Pinkerton Demo)
62: A Glorious Moment (Rivers Pinkerton Demo)


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43: Susanne (Rivers Pinkerton Demo)

Pinkerton take on Susanne??
This would make my life.
wonderful, thanks!
This is. Epic.
wow. well this would complete the quest for the black h*** stuff. i really wish i didnt already own pinkerton, because im going to HAVE to buy this. wow.
Finally, a Weezer album worth buying.
Confused about 20-26...

Looks like the last 25 are on R-dawg's disc... Hoping for a rerecorded version of SFTBH... Sit nicely with DTFM... ;) But hey cool we finally have the whole set of demos released to us
42. When You're Alone

Grabbed that one from the COR.
Kinda cleaned this up a bit, just for reading purposes. The split point for disc 1 and disc 2 is just an assumption.

Pinkerton [Deluxe Edition]

Disc 1:

01. Tired of Sex
02. Getchoo
03. No Other One
04. Why Bother?
05. Across the Sea
06. The Good Life
07. El Scorcho
08. Pink Triangle
09. Falling for You
10. Butterfly
11. Devotion
12. You Gave Your Love to Me Softly
13. Waiting on You
14. I Just Threw Out the Love of My Dreams
15. The Good Life (live acoustic)
16. Pink Triangle (live acoustic)
17. You Won't Get with Me Tonight

Disc 2:

01. Tragic Girl
02. I Swear it's True
03. The Good Life (alternate take?)
04. El Scorcho (alternate take?)
05. Pink Triangle (alternate take?)
06. Why Bother? (alternate take?)
07. El Scorcho (demo?)
08. The Good Life (demo?)
09. The Good Life (radio remix)
10. Pink Triangle (radio remix)
11. Getting Up and Leaving
12. Longtime Sunshine
13. Blue vs. Pinkerton (interview)
14. El Scorcho (live acoustic)
15. Tired of Sex (rough take)
16. Getchoo (rough take)
17. Across the Sea (Piano Ver.)
18. Butterfly (alternate take)

Alone III: The Pinkerton Years

01. I'm So Lonely
02. Getchoo
03. Lisa
04. Negativeland
05. You Gave Your Love to Me Softly
06. When You're Alone
07. Susanne
08. There is No Other One
09. Let Me Wash at Your Sink
10. Waiting on You
11. Oh No, This is Not for Me
12. Tired of Sex
13. She's Had a Girl
14. What is This I Find?
15. Now I Finally See
16. Longtime Sunshine
17. I'm Lonely on a Saturday Night
18. Oh God I'm Hungry
19. I'm on Fire, You're a Liar
20. The End of My String
21. I Can't Break Your Heart Slow
22. Money Makes Me Happy
23. My Mind's on You
24. Defeat on the Hill
25. Clarinet Waltz
26. A Glorious Moment

Anything off here?
alone III looks much more exciting than pinkerton deluxe

pink deluxe has 'tragic girl' 'getting up and leaving' and then a bunch of demos of songs i already know. i would like to hear piano version of across the sea though.
good, because this looks pretty weak.
That's 35 tracks there, but I get what you mean - it definitely looked a little shiftier than the DtFM tracklist. Nevertheless, it was a great moment of false hope I guess; Getting Up and Leaving, Tragic Girl, a band version of Longtime Sunshine and a piano varient of Across the Sea - this guy really knew how to push my buttons!

And that Alone III tracklist? Maaan, I would drop like twice as much as retail on it if those songs were all onboard.

Ah well, we can keep on dreaming till November, I guess.

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