It's been up all day apparently, I'm dumb and didn't know until just now!  Tragic girlll!!  I just got a new laptop so I have to download iTunes first!  Grrrr! Go, go, go!  Check it out!

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Yeah, this is the version I prefer. Although I haven't heard the Pink DE version yet, I think I'm still going to like this one better. Still it's better sounding than the "blue" version.

Alex [Ashura252] said:
there's a demo of ISIT around somewhere.
It's like a rivers home demo from 1993 or something, according to ATW's media gallery. Daniel [bleed0range] said:
Didn't we already have a version of ISIT with synths besides the version on blue deluxe? Is this one the same, because it sounds different to me.

Bad Finger Boogie said:
Dunno why so many people are asking about this - I Swear it's True was re-recorded during the Pinkerton sessions, the Pink version has been highly desired by fans for years.

This is the Pinkerton version. As you can hear from the sample, its using synths that weren't present originally. This along with Getting Up and Leaving are probably the most demanded things on the album, but the band version of Longtime Sunshine has been on the agenda for a while too I guess. J Dub said:
Why is there another version of I Swear It's True on this deluxe album? There already was one on the Blue Deluxe.
Is tthere going to be aa limited amount?

karl koch [karlophone] said:
yeah, you should get it. im pretty sure about this one. hey if you like vinyl its gonna be on vinyl too.

f word vibe said:
i'm not so sure that you should. karl?

elscorcho said:
Of course you should.

ILoveEveryone said:
So should i get it then, Karl?

karl koch [karlophone] said:
only a few things got a small amount of touching up actually. Tragic Girl vocals is 95+% what was there originally. and what was replaced was flubbed or incomplete.

dont spoil your experience trying to hear things youll only be speculating on. Enjoy listening to nearly-lost music!

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