I think these two albums are more similar to each other than any other weezer albums.


Pinkerton marked a break in Rivers writing songs in 1/2 step down tuning, and Make Believe marked the return of that writing style.  The lyrics in both albums are very personal (say what you will about Beverly Hills).  Songs like Hold Me, Pardon Me, Damage in Your Heart and Other Way all seem very personal to me.


My favorite guitar solos also appear on both of these albums.  Make Believe has a ridiculous amount of solos.  At least 1 per song.


The main difference I sense in these albums is Pinkerton's tones sound like someone falling into a black depressing h***, who doesn't want any help getting out, whereas Make Believe's tones make me think of someone struggling to get out of the depression h***, but at least they are trying.

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I've thought the same thing for many years.
I know a similarity: they're both amazing albums!

Great contribution to this thread, Mike Sobek.


But no.

They aren't.


Mike Sobek said:

I know a similarity: they're both amazing albums!

I don't really hear too many similarities either musically or lyrically.


The lyrics on Pinkerton are some of the most candid and earnest I've ever heard, and whilst some of the themes in MB are pulled from personal experience it's not really an out pouring of the soul. 



I like both albums ... but no, they both have different and distinctive musical aesthetics, Pinkerton is much more jagged and raw, MB more fluid and smooth - to my ears at least.

Pinkerton is a eargasm
A perfect description.

jordan said:
Pinkerton is a eargasm

i've been told i can't shame anyone i don't know into leaving the boards, so mike sobek, let's get acquainted.

Mike Sobek said:

I know a similarity: they're both amazing albums!

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