Petition For releasing BLUE/PINKERTON DVD from the Memories TOUR!!!!!

Please post a comment to petition Weezer and Co. to release a DVD covering this tour! I'd like to at least see BLUE and PINKERTON - the greatest hits/Hurley songs would be a great bonus.

WHY NOT? I know so many people would buy this DVD!!! People are kinda ticked about the ticket prices and how others are scalping them, and how there are only a few cities hosting the show. (Granted the biggest cities in the country, but still).

I can't go, but my friends really want to go...CAN I GET A DVD PLEASE!!!!!


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Yeah, it was just a single, stationary camera. Most likely for Karl's archives.
call it "B*********"  at least a dvd verson, a double live cd version would be great too!!!!!

Radioactive said:
If you read the topic, you'll see that they did record the concert.

Daniel [bleed0range] said:
You kind of necro'd this topic, haha.  Anyway, I don't think they ever filmed any of the performances.  I think Weezer missed the boat on this, personally.

Marissa Joy said:
you know what's better than live? DOUBLE LIVE!

Chittyman said:
call it "B*********"  at least a dvd verson, a double live cd version would be great too!!!!!

This seriously needs to be done.

Pinkerton is Rivers' Magnum Opus.

I would buy this. It would be cool if there were some bonus features like Karl's slideshow and in-studio footage from the Hurley sessions and Death To False Metal's touch-ups.

It would be amazing if there was a dvd covering some of this tour

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