Petition For releasing BLUE/PINKERTON DVD from the Memories TOUR!!!!!

Please post a comment to petition Weezer and Co. to release a DVD covering this tour! I'd like to at least see BLUE and PINKERTON - the greatest hits/Hurley songs would be a great bonus.

WHY NOT? I know so many people would buy this DVD!!! People are kinda ticked about the ticket prices and how others are scalping them, and how there are only a few cities hosting the show. (Granted the biggest cities in the country, but still).

I can't go, but my friends really want to go...CAN I GET A DVD PLEASE!!!!!


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Now that I think about the only cameras I saw were the ones that Karl put on the drums during the first night of the LA show.

Dr Rgne said:
It's a load of crap. I was there in LA. First of all, to make a video of this sort, a few things happen. Usually the venue posts signs out and notifies the patron that they are being filmed. This did not happen when I was at both LA nights. Secondly, I never once saw a camera crane going into the audience, like most typical live concerts have. Yes, they probably did film the concerts per say, but they likely didn't do it for a release of some kind. Artists and recording labels typically don't resort in releasing the filmed video screens only unless it is absolutely necessary (which is very rare, and usually you see the film used in documentaries). I'm sure if Weezer planned on making a true DVD production, we would have seen several of these things at the shows.

Robert Castro said:
He did?

Radioactive said:
Scott said they're filming all the concerts, but there's no overt plans to release the tour in any format.... yet.
why is b*l*i*n*k*e*r*t*o*n crossed out? not cool

Robert Castro said:
I went to both shows which were awesome its incredible experience watching play live, and it was the greatest 2 nights of my life. I definitely would buy the "B********* DVD concert" I started a thread about this same topic after I saw the concerts.
they most definatly need to release this tour in some form (cd, dvd, or preferably BOTH) and it should be called "b*********" lol, i saw that in one of their posts and i liked it.
that would be cool
i would! The show was awesome! I can only perserve the whole experience in my mind but how much better would it be to watch it again and remember what it was like being there!!! EPIC...
I would totally own that DVD!
i would love to see the Blue/Pinkerton concert. i wanted to go to the one at the Gibson but things happened and long story short, didn't get to go.
concert DVDs are awesome for those of us who love bands but don't get to go to their concerts.
i would so buy it and i know a lot of others would too. :)
Seriously why is b-l-i-n-k-e-r-t-o-n edited out?

The audio from the Pinkerton LA show is out there and it sounds great. Hopefully the Blue show will turn up soon...
Where can you find the 'Pinkerton' audio?
I would definitely buy this
I live in England so can't get to any of the shows :(

I would buy a DVD several times over.

Radioactive said:
Where can you find the 'Pinkerton' audio?

It's ID3 tagged and everything. Can anyone hook me up with an invite code for the All things weezer bb pls?

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