Petition For releasing BLUE/PINKERTON DVD from the Memories TOUR!!!!!

Please post a comment to petition Weezer and Co. to release a DVD covering this tour! I'd like to at least see BLUE and PINKERTON - the greatest hits/Hurley songs would be a great bonus.

WHY NOT? I know so many people would buy this DVD!!! People are kinda ticked about the ticket prices and how others are scalping them, and how there are only a few cities hosting the show. (Granted the biggest cities in the country, but still).

I can't go, but my friends really want to go...CAN I GET A DVD PLEASE!!!!!


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honestly boston isn't that big... its just responsible for a lot of things... bad mexican food, bad actors, dunkin donuts :-), american hi fi, but overall a small city. unless you count cambridge as part of boston
i would buy the s*** out of this
I would buy two copies!
I would buy this, I was thinking they should do this all along. There's tons of people who can't go to these shows that want to see it. Hell, I'd probably get it even though I am going to both.
i'd definately buy a DVD. c'mon Weezer, DO IT!!!
Jamekae said:
I'd buy this in a heart beat (heaaart beaaat, heaaart beaaat)

i see what you did there
I'd buy it on VHS
Adam said:
I'd buy it on VHS
*new thread*

this must happen!! VHS all the way

i still have my player :)
My vote goes here for the petition.
i would pre-order it
I would LOVE to buy a WEEZER DVD!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That would be awesome I know that I would give that as a Christmas present to at least 2 or3 people

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