Petition For releasing BLUE/PINKERTON DVD from the Memories TOUR!!!!!

Please post a comment to petition Weezer and Co. to release a DVD covering this tour! I'd like to at least see BLUE and PINKERTON - the greatest hits/Hurley songs would be a great bonus.

WHY NOT? I know so many people would buy this DVD!!! People are kinda ticked about the ticket prices and how others are scalping them, and how there are only a few cities hosting the show. (Granted the biggest cities in the country, but still).

I can't go, but my friends really want to go...CAN I GET A DVD PLEASE!!!!!


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might buy if the performances are good :D
a DVD would be sick! I would love to see a really awesome tour documentary DVD/CD like the White Stripes put out last year.
this may be the greatest idea I have ever heard.
Do it!
I would without a DOUBT buy this in an instant! I wish I could see them live soon...
this would be sick, but i have a feeling they wouldn't do it. they were gonna with live in japan but decided against it, even though it was great quality stuff.
I'd buy it and I'd love it even more in Blu-Ray!
I'd buy it if Matt Sharp played.
I'd buy it but it probably would only ship to the US and the rest of the world would miss out again! was also good when I mentioned it two weeks ago....


SugarBooger said:
this may be the greatest idea I have ever heard.

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