anyone watched/watching this? i've seen the first three episodes so far and - i dunno - i'm not sold yet. is it worth sticking with?

also, americans - any good new shows coming this autumn that i should look out for? i'm excited for homeland season 2 but there's not much else to look forward to on my tv horizon at the moment, so if you have any ideas, i'd love to hear them.


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if you want a "person of interest".....just talk to me

I watched the first few episodes of Person of Interest but quickly lost any interest in it (yes, I know). I enjoyed the "Mr Finch" character because I could pretend he was Benjamin Linus from Lost, but I really didn't really like Jim Caviezel's character at all. I'm not sure if it was the character or the actor himself that I had an issue with, but either way it made the show difficult to get into. I think I gave up on it at about the point where you are.

I don't typically like shows were there's a certain bad guy or problem to be fixed at the beginning of the episode and by the end of the episode everything is back to where it was in the beginning. I can't really get into shows unless there's more of a continuous story, and the few episodes of Person of Interest that I saw couldn't keep me motivated to watch future episodes.

I don't know much about any new shows coming out. I saw the pilot for "The New Normal", but it was pretty lame. 

Season 3 of The Walking Dead starts in October. That's a pretty cool show.

New seasons of Community, Parks and Recreation, Modern Family, It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, and 30 Rock all start in a few weeks. They'll probably be pretty easy to get into even if you haven't seen the previous episodes.

I saw the trailer for that new Matthew Perry show. It looks like it could be funny. 

New season of Arrested Development starts in the spring. 

Season 5 of Breaking Bad show just finished, and you should seriously go watch every episode right now because it's the best show ever (besides Lost). 

Also this is kind of random, but I watched Six Feet Under over the summer and it was really incredible. It's about 10 years old but you should seriously check it out if you want something good to watch.


No, I have not seen that show.  However, speaking of POI, I am aware of one POI on here who has gone through several identities trying to troll.  Here's a photo over a month's time.

af - yeah, that pretty much summed up my thoughts. i probably won't keep watching either.

stefan - thx. i watched season one of breaking bad but haven't watched the second season yet. not a fan of walking dead or 30 rock and i've seen six feet under but i'll keep my eyes open for the other things you mentioned.

blake - <3

Series Finale of Fringe 

they were filming a scene for POI close to my job on monday afternoon.

so I guess it hasn't been canceled yet

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