Does anyone know where I can obtain the version of Perfect Situation that was originally put on Make Believe?  I can't find where to get it as Make Believe and iTunes only have the new version.

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I have it.. just saying. Amazing version, so much better than the re-recorded one. I can possibly send it to you.
E-bay had the cd for really cheap.
Wow! How can you tell which version you have?? I bought mine in 2006 from some online music site, when was the new version recorded??!!??!!
All versions don't have the new PS. Only the third (aka: the currently available version) does. First had the original plus wrong WAAOD and somehow incorrect TISAP. That's the one I have, as I bought it on release day. The second fixed those two things but kept the original PS. Third was released sometime in early 2006, but if the store had a lot of back-stock, you could have the second version.

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