Perfect 10 Track Blue/Pink ~*pReDoMiNaNtLy*~ B-Side Mix

Have friends interested in Weezer? They enjoy Blue and Pinkerton but you know giving them any of the other full albums will be useless and embarrassing/disappoint them? Or simply looking for a concise counterpart to the first two records? 

I've, as I'm sure many of you have—it's probably been posted about five times already, but I don't care, mine is better and deserves its own thread (just kidding, I'm not an a******, please don't delete my thread)—put together a nice little b-side playlist. It's a comprehensive ten-track playlist of b-sides and demos from the Blue and Pinkerton eras and I think it complements the sound of the official releases quite nicely. So, if you're in the position to make a new Weezer mix for one of your friends, or are struggling to make a playlist for yourself, consider the following:

1. Mykel And Carli (Blue DE)

2. Blast Off! (Alone)

3. You Gave Your Love To Me Softly (Pinkerton DE)

4. You Won't Get With Me Tonight (Pinkerton DE)

5. Susanne (Blue DE)

6. Jamie (Blue DE)

7. Devotion (Pinkerton DE)

8. Waiting On You (Pinkerton DE)

9. Tragic Girl (Pinkerton DE)

10. Long Time Sunshine (Pinkerton DE)

I omitted several classics, such as "I Just Threw Out The Love Of My Dreams" (I felt the female vocals interrupted the tone of this for-new-Weezer-fans mix*), "Lullaby For Wayne," "Prettiest Girl In The Whole Wide World," "Getting Up And Leaving," and etcetera for purposes of concision and comprehension—I couldn't include them all with the ten-track limitation and some songs just flowed together better than others. But hey, there's always room for a Volume 2!

Anyways, I hope this serves a good use for some of you out there! Your feedback is welcome.

*Please don't misinterpret this. I love this song, and have no sexist sentiments regarding female vocals. As this was constructed for intrigued Weezer semi-fans, I wanted to keep the classic Rivers sound consistent throughout. 

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some of these songs aren't b-sides.

Mrk Jcksn [Mark Jackson] said:

some of these songs aren't b-sides.

nrezeewg said:

It's a comprehensive ten-track playlist of b-sides and demos from the Blue and Pinkerton eras and I think it complements the sound of the official releases quite nicely.

good try tho

"Blue/Pink B-Side Mix"

"b-side playlist"

"playlist of b-sides and demos"


one out of three, not good enough.

heard of brevity?

yeah that only works when you can accurately describe something in fewer words. you can't accurately describe a mix of b-sides and demos using only the term b-sides.

i was brief in my opening. once i got into detailed description, i clarified exactly what was being abridged as "b-side playlist." that clarification was also the last instance i used the terminology—had i gone back to saying just "b-side playlist" then yes, you'd be correct, it would be an misleading and inaccurate omission. 

i opened this thread expecting to find a playlist of b-sides. i was misled by your inaccurate description.






and while we're discussing inaccuracies, this list is far from perfect.

i enticed you with some key words of my topic; that's a title. you found out the full extent of it by thoroughly reading my description. title ≠ description.

"perfect" was intended to be cheeky. how would your list be constructed (with a 10 track restriction)?

look, dude, your title was meant to describe your mix, it wasn't just an assortment of key words related to your thread. you enticed me with your promise of a perfect 10 track blue/pink b-side mix, meaning that you led me to believe that this thread would contain a mix of 10 blue/pink b-sides. it doesn't matter if you clarified two paragraphs into your description, your title is inaccurate.

my title has the word "perfect" in it, it's supposed to be a bold title mocking all the opinionated, dumb, and over-generalized topics out there. whatever, you win internet weezer forum king. you'd make a great lawyer.

"b-side" was really the focus here, not "perfect," but w/e, as long as you know i'm right.

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