This was on ultimate-guitar

Pretty crazy stuff...not a fan of the weezer material on the last few albums but i don't want them to split up

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I was just about to post this lol, but this guy running it is a douche..
I'm not surprised this was made
lol. Pat posted this last night during chat. He said for $20 million, they'd have a "deluxe break-up"
Wow how stupid, if any band needs to be paid to break up its Nickelback I wanna puke every time I hear one of their songs. O not to mention id donate a $100 for them to go away.
Or Theory of a Dead Man. Or Hinder. Or Creed (again).

That Funky Dude said:
Wow how stupid, if any band needs to be paid to break up its Nickelback I wanna puke every time i hear one of their songs.
There are a lot of bands out there today that are releasing a bunch of crap. I'll agree that Weezer has declined in quality since Raditude but this is way too harsh. Pay Breaking Benjamin to break up. That s*** sucks.
I don't usually insult people... but the person who created that website must be an attention-whoring idiot.

Anyway, looks like most of the comments on that article's page are of people making fun of the person who created it... which, really, he deserves.
The guy already got what he most likely wanted out of all of this, which is a mention in Pitchfork. That's his equivalent of the 72 virgins after death
I heard that too! What the hell is up with that BS?
10 million? What an insult.

The only thing this did for me was make me very happy about my life.
I can't imagine having so much negativity caged up in me that I'd work so hard at hating something. Seriously, I feel sorry for these persons who are involved in this.
What a lousy way to tick away seconds and heartbeats you'll never get back.

I also like how they tried to point an accusatory finger at Badass Brian Bell.

These people need a hobby or a hug or something good that starts with H.
This makes me sad. Donate $10 mil to a charity and stop listening to Weezer, problem solved lol.
Wow, this article looks like something that would be in The Onion

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