does anyone here have the audio from the PacSun Hurley commentary that was played in all PacSun stores when Hurley was released? 

Apparently Rivers and the band go through each song explaining and giving details about it.  The PacSun I went to to buy Hurley didn't play when I was in the store, but I've heard that it was pretty cool.

Any links or info?

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Last time someone asked for it it was revealed that nobody had it except for Radioactive... but he couldn't burn it?

I think it was only Rivers talking about each song, as far as I know.

Would be awesome if we could finally hear this thing...there is NOTHING you could do Radioactive??
I haven't seen Radioactive on the forums for a while actually

I had a disc, but it wouldn't burn.  My friend at the store gave it to me but said that it wouldn't work on a regular CD player.  Sorry about that..  I really wish I could help with this one.


However, my friend and I have the giant Hurley-Weezer poster that was up, so that's something pretty cool...  If unrelated.

Evidently, there's a special kind of disc that will only play on store speakers and will erase if put into any others.  I thought that was bs, but apparently not since it won't rip.

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