Overview of how long Weezer hasn't played live in certain countries

Only counting countries where they did play at least one time. Excluding Australia and New Zealand of course.

Not played live since 1996

- Italy

- Switzerland

Not played live since 1997

- Thailand

- Taiwan (now Republic of China)


Not played live since 2001

- Finland

- Sweden

- Norway

- Denmark

- Netherlands

- Belgium

Not played live since 2002

- Portugal

- Spain


Not played live since 2005
- Germany

- France

- Austria

- Mexico

- Brazil


Not played live since 2009

- Korea


Not played live since 2011

- United Kingdom

- Ireland

- Japan

- Canada



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I'll second that

Bill said:

when it comes to weezer shows, its nice to live in california.

i've been pretty blessed, being able to live in a really small town, yet always within 2 hours of a weezer show whenever they tour.  

I hope the rest of the world gets some love soon.  If they play in Norway, I'd love to fjord view in the day then see a weezer show.

We want Weezer back in Sweden! WE MISS YOU! :)

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