This is actually my first post ever but i HAD to share and figured this is the perfect forum.


My husband and I (wow its weird saying that) were married this past weekend and from the second we were engaged we knew exactly what we wanted our first dance to be to.

Buddy Holly! :D


We are both HUGE Weezer fans and as a couple it is easily our favorite song.




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looks like a good time, congratulations.


your husband didn't do the Fonz dance!  but the air/hip guitar was pretty rad.

we actually talked about him doing that!!!! hahaha

but we ultimately decided against it :P



thanks :)




That was the most awesome first dance imaginable. 
I love the patty cake move and the "guitar playing" in the middle! Thats hilarious!

Thanks ya'll! :D


We've never had any dance experience (hopefully its not too too obvious hahaha) until a few months before and we practiced like hell for a while :D


Best part-even though we heard it over and over and over for weeks - it never got old!

That's awesome!!

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