Hey all.  As you know, Weezer is playing May 20 in Philly and the local alt rock station is having a contest for a local band to open for them. My band Lasting Factor is a finalist.

Without knowing all the other bands, I'd have to say I'm the biggest =w= fan among them and could school them in a trivia contest. So naturally, it would be a dream come true to open for them.

I included the link below. You can watch the Lasting Factor video for Straight Fall at the bottom of the page, then click vote now, enter your email, and choose Lasting Factor from the list.




I wasn't sure if this post belonged in the "all things not weezer" forum instead, but I figure opening for Weezer counts?  Thanks for your support!  PS, you can vote once per day, so the more support the better!


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Well, I voted for you even though I already knew and loved Bronze Radio Return.  You're welcome.  Message me if you wanna know what you can do for me in return if it works out :P


Haha.  But yeah, good luck man.  I'd be really happy for you, I would want the same thing.  Have fun!

THE GREAT VALLEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

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