Farewell, Outsourced. :(


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Never heard of it.


But I'm sorry for your loss. I know that feeling all too well...

people watched that show?

Just me. Guess that's why it's getting cancelled.

fluck [kittenž (j.biebž)] said:

people watched that show?
I saw it once. It was alright, I guess. There were a lot worse shows than that.

Yeah, that's another one I love. Stupid Fox...

CrackerJack said:

thought you were going to say lie to me, alot of people bummed about that
Diedrich Bader and Rajiv are so f****** funny in that show. The season finale did kinda suck though.
this looks sick. 

I can't say I ever enjoyed Outsourced.  I've never had a show I was actively watching get "cancelled".


The closest thing I can think of is Friday Night Lights, but I think that was a creative decision, not the networks.


When will How I Met Your Mother end?  They are renewed for 2 more seasons, I hope it doesn't drag out longer than that.  It's a funny and well done show, but it needs an end.

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