Which albums do you prefer, Weezer's older albums or Weezer's more recent albums? I personally prefer old school Weezer.

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I prefer Pinkerton. There is no old and new weezer. There is Pinkerton and everything else. 
The extraordinary originality of this thread has actually distracted me from answering the question.
I laughed at someone the other day because they were like "I like some of the old school weezer!" I go "Oh yea?!" *thinking Pinkerton or Blue* and he goes "Yes... I love Beverly Hills." .... ... I was like "Oh... I thought you were going to say Pinkerton or Blue..." he goes "Well I've never listened to Pinkerton but I like the Blue album... it's great..." I've got lots to show him... ;)
I prefer nude Weezer tbh
revolver ocelot ◕‿◕ [berry] said:
There is only one Weezer. It would never get any better
Its mostly all good. I could do without songs like "thought i knew" and "love is the answer"
Green is my favourite, but that's actually pretty old now lol.

Lol Brian's only song that he could call his on a Weezer album.

Wonder how he feels about some fans saying they could do without it?

Jesse Dobson said:

Its mostly all good. I could do without songs like "thought i knew" and "love is the answer"
I'll take any kind of Weezer. Everyone always compares their old stuff with the new stuff. Honestly, it's all good to me. Except some Raditude songs, but those aren't that bad either. I've heard much worse...
I like most of weezer's stuff old and new. Most of their albums have a few lesser songs (With the exception of blue, pinkerton and Maladroit in my oppinion.) The only album i don't like other then for a few songs is green. I have not heard alot of Raditude so i can't really judge that one. I'd say Weezer's pretty good all around.

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