I have 2 tickets for the Sept. 13th show in Concho and my niece picked that afternoon to get married. Anyone with tickets for the Thackerville show on Sept 14th willing to trade? Concho is only 35 miles from OKC and Thackerville is 120 miles so if anyone in OKC wants to swap you would get to see Weezer a day early and save some gas money plus help me NOT to piss off my niece by missing her wedding lol

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ah the old print up two fake tickets and exchange them for two real tickets scam. good move.

Or the old "Crap I bought tickets in April and my niece decided in July to pick the day of the concert to get married". Actually the tickets are through TicketStorm and can be confirmed pretty easy. Lovely to have such pessimistic people here :( 

Sorry about that, Chad. Kbiebs loves Fleetwood Mac but not much else.

Go home, Gohi.

what a buzzkill.

Why would you help out a person named Chad?  Get your priorities straight.

why is weezer playing two shows in oklahoma of all places? this is sad.

Be nice, Weezer is your friend. Also the southern Oklahoma venue is large and primary DFW based. It's all the fun of the Dallas fans without the Dallas.

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