Ok, this crap about Weezer being paid to break up......

So apparently some idiot has started an internet campaign to pay Rivers to break Weezer up and not release the albums. Are you not extremely pissed? There's no way they could go through with this.



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There has been multiple threads about this. It's a joke which was given coverage by sites like Pitchfork who often criticise weezer. It's not serious, it will have no real impact, it is not something that needs to be discussed in any more detail that "lol".
ok, read multiple threads on that already, it doesnt worry me one bit, there no need to get all up in arms cuz someone dissed your band.. i mean, i think nickelback should break up, and i bet theyd have fans reacting exactly as you have now.. what im saying is its all about personal tastes, and theres always going to be people who hate your band.. ive been copping s*** for being a green day fan since before i was even a weezer fan, and it doesnt bother me in the slightest
Old news is old.
LOL so friggin dumb. The day they break up will be the day I loose faith in music. Sorry, I understand that some of the newer stuff is eh. But don't break up a band who still releases SOME good music. I mean, Hurley was a great album. Of course (and I'm being a typical Weezer snob right now), it's not as good as Blue or Pinkerton, but still, there's some great songs on there! Ruling Me, Unspoken, Run Away, Time Flies. I mean goddamn, offer this to Nickelback or something equally as bad. Don't pay a band to break up just because they released an album called Raditude. As long as Rivers has music that he can still pump out, there will be a Weezer. That is all.
Please, please let Pat have the last word on this (via twitter)

patrick_wilson at least 145 articles mentioning the 10m (20m!) to get =w=to break up. it's all u need to know about modern news.

God I miss A6...

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