does anybody have more info about this show? it's an outdoor show, so i'm wondering how strict they're going to be about actually checking IDs. i live fairly close to Columbus and want to try and go to this.

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a little disappointed in this show. ohio state, really? come on....
i don't give a s*** about the football rivalry. i just want to go to the show.
as would i. but i would be sure to cover myself in Badger apparel.
Yeah because they would actually believe that an OSU student is wearing all badger apparel. Great way to blend in.
neutral shirt cover.
I hope they're not checking!
me too! we're driving down from Akron and trying to get in.
I really hope so....I'm coming out from Pittsburgh trying for it...I doubt they will be's at a mssive park that would require gating off all of it besides an entrance, and I doubt they do this. I've been to a few show at cmu and Pitt here that were for student only but no checking, like queens of the stone age and black keys.
From my experience in college programming -
There will probably be public tickets, which are usually more expensive than student tickets (when you buy tickets if it's in person that's probably when they check for student IDs, not before the show)
There will be no tickets for this event, that much has been confirmed.
i've done the same thing to see the Black Keys a few times at Kent State. outdoor shows are good for that reason.

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