If you were in the 1994-1999 Weezer Fanclub, I'd love to see your
fanclub card here (attatch it to your reply post), and I want to read your memories
of the old fanclub days - correspondence with Mykel and Carli, Club
meetups, Fanclub goodies, etc.... thanks!

If you are already posting up pix and stuff and blogs about your club days on your weezer.com page, cross post that stuff here. (or link to it or mention that you have more on your page)

When i find my card ill post it here. i think me and the band had funny club #s that were actually random strings of letters and numbers.

Mykel was #0001 and Carli was #0002. Mykels boyfriend Steve was #6000. The original club membership got up to around #4600 as i recall. Who had the last # ever issued and what is it? I know i have the original records in a filing cabinet... 

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I've got my OG fan club cards, all the Weezines, and many many letters from Mykel and Carli stashed away somewhere. I've gotta A) find them first and then B) locate a scanner but I'll be glad to share.
I just recently found my old card. I had all of the weezines but they have been donated to Richard the weezer collector ( www.weezercollector.com ) along with several other weezer items from back in the day.
This would probably take way too much work, but it would be cool if you started up a new Fan Club. Somewhat in the style of the OG Fan Club started by Mykel and Carli back in the day. I guess sending zines in the mail is way 90's, but it would be cool to pay money to be in an insider Weezer Fan Club. New membership cards could be issued too, which would be sick.
That would be so cool. An I defiantly pay to be in it.
there are more of those folks left on a6
you should message some of them
there were a couple versions of the Fanclub after Myke & Carli. Karl kept the original fanclub going for a while. a new fanclub later emerged and was run by people close to the band. for reasons unknown the fanclub disolved and there is yet to be replacement. I would love to see a new fanclub in the future.
hey karl -

i have tons of my original fan club stuff - i can post it all but how exactly do you "cross post" ? do i have to upload it twice?

I definitely sent out my address and attempted to sign up for this after I bought Pinkerton. Unfortunately, I bought it two summers ago and I did not realize the 1999 deadline. I felt like a fool.
lets keep this thread alive and hope that maybe in the futurw there will be a new version of the Fanclub.
Karl and fellow OG'ers,

During a recent move, I found all my old weezines recently; from #1 to the last one, and letters from Mykel and Carli and such. I used to draw M+C as superheroines (cuz they were), and in one letter they drew themselves. It's very very awesome. I will be posting that and others as soon as I get my scanner working, as well as my well-worn weezer fanclub card. I am #585. Can anyone else beat that?

I think you have me beat as far as fanclub numbers go.
please help us to keep this thread close to the top so we can continue to find more old school fan club members.
thought that there would be more of you out there.

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