I know I'm not the only one excited about getting to hear these shows again - hope they make them available on the store soon!  the indoor 2nd night show was one of the best concerts i've ever seen.  

also - a request:  a lot of the =w= bootlegs cut out the onstage banter that happens between the songs.  this is what makes the shows unique.  FOR THE CRUISE -even if the bootlegs have to be 3 CDs long and cost more....PLEASE don't cut out ANY of the on stage banter that happened between the songs!  THANKS!

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maybe it's just me ha...I was actually at work and getting a bit delirious, and I kept rewinding that part cause I kept hearing it in my head lol 

The devil made me do it. 

Gohi 21 said:

I thought we were friends.

placemats said:

Lol. Gohi.

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