Alright peeps. Post if you wanna be involved. I'll do the arranging.

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How does it work?

Each person gets a gift from an anonymous person. I'll take everyone's address for shipping purposes and give them to the person they are assigned.

Once you get your gift, it's fun to try and figure out who you had.

Jumpin on the floor (natkat) said:

How does it work?

is there a spending limit?

This can be decided once we have people on board. We can set a limit - or not care.

JumpingJesusOnAPogostick! [spaz] said:

is there a spending limit?

I'll do it

i think setting a limit is best.

what about non-US boardies? i want to take part and would be happy to mail a gift overseas but some people may not want to pay international shipping. also, if people are mailing internationally, things will have to move quite quickly in order to meet the deadlines for christmas delivery.

I'm in!

And willing to ship overseas. :)

I think especially in your case Berry, we'll all ship overseas.

What's our limit, fellas?

$20 US?, not neccesarily including shipping

there's goes that idea of buying two One Direction tickets

$20 usd - shipping excluded. Is this a final list then?

JumpingJesusOnAPogostick! [spaz] said:

$20 US?, not neccesarily including shipping

sure looks that way

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