official release of "I don't know how to love her" plz

come on, it was played live in Japan in 2005 at the shows that were
filmed for the DVD (that never really happened). The bootleg sounded
excellent. And while b******* like "Are friends electric?" from the
same era got a proper release, this one just vanished in the haze. With
all the iTunes bonus tracks that are used so inflationary these days...

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"Are 'Friends' Electric?" rulez forever, Donald. Don't you hate. DON'T DO IT.

Never heard of it. Some weezer fan I am!

I've been unsuccessful so far looking for it on Google. Never heard this version.

yes, I love this song, if you do not know what it is, its from the Rock Opera Jesus Christ Superstar, one of the best scores of all time, and weezer killed it when they use to play it live.  A really great cover, I would love an official release. 

put it on make believe (deluxe edition), with all of the remaining fallen soldier tracks as well.

lol, runners.

over 1 year later, I still would like to have it. Not a bootleg, a real soundboard recording. "Across the Sea" from the same show(s) was a Raditude iTunes pass bonus track btw.

I would LOVE an official release of "I Don't Know How To Love Her"! That song makes me melt when Rivers sings it.. he sang/played it acoustically on one of the Ustreams and it was nothing short of amazing.

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