anyone else having trouble purchasing tickets from ticketmaster?

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yes...this sucks
Yes. WTF this is b*******.
yes!!! totally not fair if everything went to people with amex cards
Why the hell are they playing Roseland for these shows? That club is too small to hold the amount of people interested. They played freaking Madison Square Garden for the Red Album tour and many seats remained unfilled. THIS is the tour where they should be playing MSG!
I am furious beyond belief.
Yeah this is ridiculous I really hope they do something

Echoes said:
I am furious beyond belief.
I'm just about ready to give up...
yeah what the heck dawgs
arrrggggg! so upset... this is a total set up by ticketmaster.
I am furious and completely upset!!!!

i had problems with the chicago show as well and now this.

Screw this. I woke up early for this crap. It's really not fair. I've been listening to this album since it first came out when I was 12. I had it on cassette. Now I'm 26 and I can't even get to see it cause I don't have AMEX? And there's no way I'm paying for the VIP seats. Meeting Weezer for 5 minutes and taking a photo is not worth the amount of money they are charging. Weezer are not dieties!

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