yep, just your average 'now playing' thread. BUT WITH PICTURES!



your turn!

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This was on earlier.

Spaz' post reminded me of a concert I went to a very long, long time ago.  Soundgarden was the opener. Danzig's drum riser was enormous, totally creeped me out, and looked like this(from 1st album cover, I think).

Getting my daily dose of this now.

Last listen on now.

just started:


Story:  I thought Best Coast was a pretty decent opening act for Weezer, but didn't really give them much thought after the show.  Then a friend on fb had them on his top 10 for 2010 list.  And I saw them on someone's list here.  So I felt compelled to check them out further and bought the cd.  I enjoy this band more with each listen.  It got two plays today.  Sweet vocals.  On now(Fishbone).  Needed something to get me going.

I actually read about the singles, somewhere.  And considering the amount of money I've been spending on music lately, I'm going to accept you kind offer.  Do you want my email address or did you have something else in mind, such as a link?


Also, I appreciate that people are posting here(well, some people).  I've been jotting stuff down.   Unfortunately, I was out of the music loop for a while and this thread is helping get me up to speed on a lot of stuff. 


You must have an incredible music library, by the way.


☺♥ kittens bieber ♥☺ said:

i'm pretty sure i had best coast on my list.

they put out a number of great 7" singles before the album that are worth checking out. i think they are all on itunes now, but if you aren't opposed to downloading such things for free i can send them your way.


listened to the previously mentioned toro y moi and destroyer albums a couple more times today, as they were new to my work computer. listening to this one right now, and feeling a little weird about a 19 year old kid rehashing pop punk so f****** well.


On earlier.  Like something hard when I work outside.

Right now.

Gawd, my writing sucks today.


And, thanks.

☺♥ kittens bieber ♥☺ said:

i'll pm you with a link. probably tomorrow.


listened to this in the car today


quite a few good songs on this

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