Dear Weezer Fans,

I am a devote Weezer fan and have been for many years and also a resident of the great city of Buffalo, New York. Buffalo as many of you many or may not know was the birthplace and home for Pat Wilson before he moved to L.A. and before the formation of Weezer.

Buffalo along with the Western New York area has been home to many world famous and regional musicians over the decades and houses its own Buffalo Music Hall of Fame and Walk of Fame within the city. This year I am gathering up information for an application to nominate Pat to be inducted into the Hall of Fame and thought I would included some thoughts from fans from around the world and on the boards for not only support but insight into how Pat has influenced both fans and the band.

Please feel free to share any personal stories, facts, quotes, etc. that would be  fun, appealing and genuine to help support this nomination.

Thank You!


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Lewis Digges said:

Also deserving because he is my favorite member of Weezer next to Scott, Rivers and Brian.


i think we should campaign for a day set aside in honour of pat. or a boulevard named after him. either/or.

Lewis Digges said:

anything associated with their hometowns like awards or a road or street named after them or a day set aside for them.

let's review some of buffalo's finest...

Wanda & Stephanie
Polka Group
BMHOF Class of 1999

Known as "America's Polka Sweethearts", the late Wanda Pietrzak and her daughter Stephanie, recorded a Number 1 Polka Hit "Lover Oh Lover" in 1971. For over three decades they toured the country performing at clubs and all the major Polka Festivals. They recorded 17 albums and have been inducted into the Polka Hall of Fame in Chicago.

Party Squad
rock band
BMHOF Class of 1993

Party Squad was formed in 1985 as a band that could play any cover and sound just like the original — leading to their slogan, "Classic Hits Live," and "stump the band" nights, when they could play any song the audience requested, from Motown to Zeppelin. They were voted top new band at the 1986 Buffalo Music Awards and followed up with four straight years as top classic-top-40 group. They play the ball drop every New Year's Eve downtown and have become the rock band of choice for most social functions around town. Band members Dave Elder (guitar), Mark Dixon (drums/vocals) and Rick McGirr (keyboard) are all individual members of the BMHOF.

Frank Pusateri
rock bassist
BMHOF Class of 1991

Bass player and leader for Only Humen, Frank was voted top rock bass player 1988-90. Along with Only Humen, he as worked with the Dooleys, Ray & Frank, Lions, Sky and Jambo. Frank owns Lionheart Studio, where he records other bands and produces jingles. He's also created original music for aerobic workout tapes.

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