'No One Else' stood out to me more immediately and more blatantly than anything else on the first weezer record. The song has done nothing but grow on me since.

It has the guitar cunch that has become synonymous with early 90's weezer, an awesome vocal melody and vocal performance, tight drum fills, a sweet guitar solo (with the classic final-note-ring-out of all great weezer solos), and is so catchy that you almost forget that it's written from the perspective of a controlling and jealous creep.




Please do:

Use this thread to discuss the greatness of 'No One Else' and why it embodies everything that was great about the Blue era.


Please do not:

judge me


Edit: and coincidentally enough, it's the only song on the record that isn't in Eb tuning. And also the acoustic live version on the deluxe edition really lets the vocal harmonies shine through, and is awesome in a completely different way. Another testament to the greatness of this song.

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I wouldn't say this is my favourite song from Blue (Surf Wax America is just too damn catchy) but it's definitely up there, and I one that I can relate to, so it's got that kind of sentimental value...
I like this song very much
I can honestly say that I want to jump up and jam out whenever i hear this pop-py song!!

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