'No One Else' stood out to me more immediately and more blatantly than anything else on the first weezer record. The song has done nothing but grow on me since.

It has the guitar cunch that has become synonymous with early 90's weezer, an awesome vocal melody and vocal performance, tight drum fills, a sweet guitar solo (with the classic final-note-ring-out of all great weezer solos), and is so catchy that you almost forget that it's written from the perspective of a controlling and jealous creep.




Please do:

Use this thread to discuss the greatness of 'No One Else' and why it embodies everything that was great about the Blue era.


Please do not:

judge me


Edit: and coincidentally enough, it's the only song on the record that isn't in Eb tuning. And also the acoustic live version on the deluxe edition really lets the vocal harmonies shine through, and is awesome in a completely different way. Another testament to the greatness of this song.

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Guys let's just appreciate the song, ok?




Good idea, bro! I deeply appreciate this song!

Wilford Brimleyž (diabeetužž) said:

Guys let's just appreciate the song, ok?




Uh oh, sh1t just got personal

Peggy said:
Thoughts... It's an amazingly written song, and you play it beautifully? LOOK OUT Mr. Cuomo...
Just kidding, guys. You can fight in here.
too late. :(

Wilford Brimleyž (diabeetužž) said:
Just kidding, guys. You can fight in here.
No One Else is probably my favorite Blue song that isn't Only in Dreams. Amazing melodies, structure and lyrics. The double guitar solo is one of Weezer's most amazing moments.

I'm not hugely musically minded so I can't detail it exactly, but I think it's to do with the songs being in the same key, the beginning of the melodies sounding a little similar ("My girls gotta big mouth" vs. "Well it's been building up...") just at different tempos, the pre-choruses in both songs shifting from the bouncier melody of the verses that precede it to a more somber sounding melody, and the guitar intro from NWE could totally be transcribed into a 4 part vocal harmony that could slot in to Don't Worry Baby without disturbing the peace too much. There are heaps more that my mind associates with both songs, but I doubt it truly sounds as similar as my brain makes it out to be, so I'll stop there. That being said, I think No One Else was demoed just a few weeks away from Don't Worry Baby so it is possible that Don't Worry Baby could of had an influence.


Maybe they don't sound similar and my brain is just telling me that you could make an awesome mashup between the two songs? I don't even know haha.

Wilford Brimleyž (diabeetužž) said:

Which elements did you have in mind?

James Stockwell (Jamekae) said:
Is it just me or do elements of No One Else strongly mirror elements in Don't Worry Baby?
Where the hell did my Buzz Killington picture go damnit? Which mod did it? Out with it!
I deleted it because I wanted to delete any record of my embarrassingly stupid collection of posts in this thread.
My favorite on Blue as well! Just a great straight-ahead alternative rock sound with a great catchy chorus and very creative lyrics. What's not to like? :D
No One Else was the first song that I did not get from Rivers.  I am a giant fan of his, especially the deeper, trippier stuff like Only In Dreams and Angel and the One, Prettiest Girl etc. amongst many others.  Now I dig it cuz Josh kind of turned me on to it.

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