I get tired of hearing that Hurley is an attempt at an "apology" to Weezer fans for the so-called "trash" Weezer has been churning out the past few albums or so. What's more, there seems to be a "reckoning point" when Weezer sucked and didn't suck. I keep hearing the terms "post-Pinkerton" and frankly, I'm sick of it. What's even amusing is the album Pinkerton was considered "trash" by no less than some so-called die-hard Weezer fans. I know this is a tiresome issue. However, if you were really die-hard fans, you wouldn't resort to pompous bickering over which Weezer album sucked or not. Sure some albums pale in comparison to others, but hey, that's quite normal for any band isn't it?

Ever since I heard "My Name Is Jonas" on a friend's mixtape way back in 1994, my appreciation for music has since been dramatically changed. For every Weezer album that's been released, I've developed a special fondness -- a fondness that doesn't compare or unfairly berate one album from the other. With that said, I can honestly say that I love each and every Weezer album, because I know that the band I chose to devote my fandom to has that "cut-above-the-rest" characteristic that's unique to them alone.

As far as Weezer's sound is concerned, I really dig the fact that despite dabbling into musical experimentation (some successful, some otherwise), they have still kept a pretty solid sound throughout the almost-twenty years of their existence. For that I am really thankful for. I think the best description I can give Weezer is that they are "dynamically consistent", which may sound quite paradoxical at first. But when you think about it, it shows the band's no-nonsense approach when it comes to their craft. They're not afraid to digress because they know what they're really good at. A fine example of this can be seen in "The Greatest Man That Ever Lived" on The Red Album.

With all that said, I think Hurley is an excellent Weezer album and is by no means an apology for anything.

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Well said Jing. I do think that Pinkerton was their high point but I do agree that their other albums are brilliant as well. Just like you said, each is different and each deserves its own place. The only album I would say is 'trash' would be Raditude.

As for Hurley, so far I've listened to it 30-something times so yes I do think it is an excellent album. 
you need to eat more vegetables hehehe :)
Thanks Neema! :) Really appreciate your reply. Although I think Raditude is a great album, I guess we all have our own personal faves. As for Hurley, I'm about halfway to those 30-something plays :)
This thread just really makes me want to listen to Nirvana. (ya know, all apologies... no apologies... anyway)
The only thing right about this is that Hurley is no "apology" because it sucks just as bad as the other 5 or 6 childish albums they've put out this decade.

Otherwise, please. I don't define myself as a "Die-hard fan" of any band, no matter how good. The only thing that die-hard fans do is refuse to criticize their heroes and buy every stupid thing they put out, which results in these tired love-fests every time Weezer puts out a crappy new album. No, I don't want a goddamn Weezer lunchbox or Weezer clothes from Pac-Sun. I want an album that doesn't sound like it was tossed off or written directly to 14 year olds.

Pinkerton IS their high-water mark. They have not come CLOSE to it since then. They're hardly even the same band. You don't have to admit that if you don't want, but it's patently obvious.
i thought the same thing for some reason.
Dude, you must know some crazy talented 14 year olds...
EXACTLY my views. I'm pissed with the "apology" thing. Weezer has nothing to apologize for.
I don't think Hurley is an "apology" at all. In fact, it feels like the exact opposite. So many times on the album, they say (in various words) "This is what we want to do, and we're sick of everyone trying to tell us otherwise".

Seems like that's what the entire album is about... the opposite of an apology. I don't understand where that idea even came from.
I agree with you completely, Jing. I love all of their albums, and I love Raditude.
yeah same here

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