Some of these ideas were mentioned by other people before, but I wanted to combine them and put them all in one place. I think that the band eating sandwiches on the cover, with Unhappy Meal as the title, and including the song Sandwiches Time would be awesome for their next album. What do you think?

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sandwiches time, sandwhiches time, sandwhiches on my mind. for that matter why werent songs like this and always and i do and too late to try and living without you or we go together on the damn death to false metal album???? i can only hope there will be a green/maladroit deluxe. serioulsy there are a lot of bad ass b sides that need some releasing.
I dont really like sandwiches time and i dont really bother about the cover, photoshoots and artwork are pointless as its the music that i want to be good.
But if Sandwiches Time was on the album Unhappy Meal would be a cool idea :)

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