So if Rivers happens to make a rock opera, which he has been hinting at lately both on here and on Twitter... what are your thoughts on it?  What kind of story do you think it might be?  Looks like that recent video he uploaded might be a demo for the supposed rock opera.  Underwater noises?  Is that just an ambient effect or could it be a plot point (like somebody drowning)?


On the other side of things, how about live shows?  I've really been into the way they've handled the Memories shows.  It feels more theatrical with the Pinkerton "costumes" and the Karl slide show and everything.  What I mean to say, maybe not so much theatrical but not run of the mill, something different.  There's more to it then just a 45 minute to an hour or so set.  What if they did something similar while supporting a rock opera tour.  Like, costumes with some kind of set pieces or something to help tell the story while they play.  I've heard muse do some crazy stuff like play inside glass pyramids with pyro and things like that.  Maybe an extension of that sort of idea, but in a way that would help tell a story. 

I dunno, I'm just daydreamin here.  Feel free to share in the dreaming.

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Yeah like i can see why rivers would be disappointed with sales but thats just the way it is with rock albums these days. Very few sell, the fact that he has soaring high energy live shows proves their of course is still interest out there for weezer.


Don't think about sales do a rock opera or something special. Whether it sells or not doesn't matter an album of true art will be recognized in time.... - Much like pinkerton was..

Australia untoured since 1996! said:

I'd be seriously disappointed if they went 'the singles route', which is kind of what he's doing right now with all these collaborations. They're good too, but albums are the real deal.


Whether it's a rock opera or not, I'm expecting something special this year.

Daniel Gasparini ( Danorganplaye said:

That's why i think a rock opera would be perfect. The reason why weezer albums haven't been top notch as of late is because they aren't cohesive. A rock opera forces the story to be cohesive and the songs to an extent too.

It would be a damn shame if they skip out on making an album. Do a fantastic rock opera or one to the best of your ability then go the..." SINGLES MARKET" route... which is what everyone and their mother is doing :/
bleedgoldandwhite21 said:

 Thats waht Rivers more Weezer albums, just releasing songs. Personally, I think that would work very well for Weezer seeing how Rivers can still write some great songs, but they can't seem to put a 10 song album together anymore.
Indiekid said:
Yeah they just didnt release 1 full album instead they released lots of singles. Besides i doubt Rivers would stop releasing songs and concentrate on touring instead, i get the impression he loves writing and being in the studio a lot more than touring.

Jon Ang said:
Ash is still releasinig music though. They just released more than 40 songs in the past year in fact.

Michael Rowland (Gohi) said:

When I asked Rivers about this last night (mostly for Dan), he was very careful and deliberate with how he responded. He said that right now he doesn't have any real set plans for the next Weezer album and he's just got lots of different approaches and ideas to consider and he might want to take a new direction in a few months. He then said that for all we know there might not even be another Weezer record, and he brought up Ash as an example of a band who doesn't make records anymore but tours. The man obviously does not want to get us all to start expecting something from him because he is prone to change his mind.



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