According to a couple of site a new album will be produced by Ric Ocasek starting in January. A Weezer greatest hits album has also been talked about. And possible Alone IV which would be made up of demos that went on to be full band songs. 

Article -------Click Here bro's

Do you think this is going to actually happen or will it just be another dead rumor?

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Ultimately I just want the band to make music that they're truly happy about and that they have a great time making the record. In my opinion all of Weezer's albums have been good and consistent, but of course some are better than others. It would be amazing if Matt and Jason featured on one song on the album, but we can only wish.......With the greatest hits album I really hope that they pay tribute to Mikey in some sort of way by including something from the Green Era or 1998 when they recorded a bunch of songs, of course if they did do that it would most likely be a bonus track.

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