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bugger, i was gunna try and beat you to making this thread!
Ooooo. Thanks karl
haha the bit where the random walks on stage is hilarious

If I wanted crappy sounding live videos of the Memories tour, I'd watch any number of the hundreds of videos already up on Youtube.


What a waste of a webisode.

Brimz, don't be a dlick. This is in HD.


With that said, I think this song is much better live when Rivers isn't playing guitar on it. He kind of looks bored when they play this song on the Memories shows. IMO!!!!

There are similar-video-quality fan shot vids on Youtube with considerably higher audio quality. I can't even listen to this.

This just sucks.

Next slide please.

Michael Rowland (Gohi) said:

Brimz, don't dlick. This is in HD.

LOL what up w/the dude on stage??
It's sad that I know this is from SF because of the reviews mentioning a guy coming on stage for this song. Real sad.
I don't even remember this, and I was there in LA.
Typo. Meant to say SF.
mesa like this, thank you.
Rivers needs to take a class in rocking out behind his guitar again imo.

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